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Wild ARMS: Twilight Venom

Title: Wild ARMS: Twilight Venom (Or TV)
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Length: 11 Hours
Format: AVI (I watched it AVI), DVD (I believe) or VHS

I saw this when looking around . It started when I began to Download Wolf's Rain, but then I saw Wild ARMS and recollected that it was a game my friend liked, so I decided to Download it and watch it. It was ok.

The Story begins with Kiel Annorax, who was captured and sent to prison to be tortured because of a treason. When theives enter the Prison because the rumour of a valuable treasure, they turn the place upside down. These theives are: Loretta Oratorio--a Female Crest Card User*/Treasure Hunter--, Mirabelle Graceland--a Female Ampire (A Vampire who can go out during the day) and Jerusha, a Popepi Pipepo (They kind of look like Pikachus). Kiel escapes from his imprissionment and heads after the thieves because he actually knows what the treasure is. So they all meet up and head to the main room where the treasure was being kept. Once inside, the blow open the door to the treasure room to find...! A naked kid!? He wakes up with one HELL of a hang over and sees two beautiful women and immediately hits on them. They point out the fact that he's too young for them and he freaks out, exclaiming "Where's my Body!?" This young boy's name is Sheyenne Rainstorm. He claims that he's actually 25 years old and he' stuck in a young boy's body! Then they find this extrodinary gun called an 'ARMS'. Only those who are part of the 'Evil Race' can fire these guns, normal people cannot. When they do fire their guns, they use up there live vitials and eventually will die if used repeatively. It's a lot stronger then a bullet, since it uses energy from the life. They give the gun to Sheyenne and he can use it! Proving that he's part of the Evil Race. They evenatually escape and learn that Sheyenne's real body is being kept somewhere else far away. So then they start a quest for Sheyenne's real body!--Or atleast Kiel and Sheyenne. The other girls have some treasure to find!

* What Crest Cards are is magic spells. They have different spellls engraved on them and only a Crest Card User may use the magic inside. No real sorcerey in Wild ARMS, it's mostly technology.

I enjoyed the story to this one. It had a lot of twists and guess what... It wasn't all Male Fanservice! It had Female Fanserives as well! Lots of hot bishies in it... And butt shots... Naked ones... Mwahahahaha... Anyways, The ending was ok, a lot better then most animes I have seen.

The Artwork was well done, It was really enjoyable to watch. So many hot bishies... Mwaha...

The sound was very well done. All the characters sounded as they should and the voices for the monsters and gunshots and all that were nicely done. Even the sploding (Exploding) of some of the characters, splodging of blood and etc.

The Characters were great. Each one has their own personality, even some character change as the story goes along. I also discovered that the Main Character will ALWAYS lose his memory once in an anime! Always! Sheyenne does a little further on in the series, but he regains it, duh.

The Music was alright, they had proper music where it was suppose to be. Sometimes they had the annoying singing in the middle of the story and I was tempted to skip ahead and ignore it. Bleh, that always annoys me.

Overall the anime was decently done. Not the best anime to me, but I watched it due to the story and hotness factor (Bishies!). Actually, I liked it, but it's not one of my favorites. It's ok to watch if you've played the games--maybe I'd enjoy it more had I actually played the game. Oh well. It's still good in my book.

Animation: 10
Characters: 10
Story: 6
Sound: 7
Music: 7
Review Score: 8 out of 10.
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