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Desiree Anderson

One of the most dried out Anime's out there, it's Crest of the Stars!

Title: Crest of the Stars
Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama/Adventure/War
Length: 13 OAV episodes.
Format watched: TV (I only watched 1 Episode of this Garbage)

Yes! To start off the Bad Anime review, I have a Gem of an Anime that is horrible! This would be Crest of the Stars. Now why this even got to TV, bewilders me. It is so dried out, it makes sand look moist. I first saw this on Tech TV, because I was bored and watching TV. So, I saw Crest of the Stars and was like "Hey, An Anime! Let's watch it!" Biggest mistake of my life.

Here's the story: Based on a sci-fi novel series, Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monsho) is the first installment in this sci-fi saga. The story follows Jinto, a young prince, whose world was taken over by the largest Empire in the Galaxy: The Abh. Jinto's father handed their world over to the Abh in exchange for a standing in the Abh Empire. As a result, Jinto became a prince and was shipped off for an Abh Education. Later he meets a princess of the Abh Empire, Lafiel, whom he quickly befriends despite her cold exterior. The Abh empire is plunged into war and the story continues from there...

Anyways, in the episode I was watching, it was a whole bunch of ship floating through space and not even the biggest speck of anything was going on. They spoke so technical, I couldn't even follow along! It was so boring, I almost fell asleep. Then guess what! Something attacked! OMG! So, they had to rush Jinto and Lafiel off the ship and such. So they do that and blah blah, ship blows up, whoopie! So you'd think it gets better, right? WRONG! They showed a preview for the next episode which was all male fanservice so I was like "screw this!"

Characters: Oh my! They're so... common. Jinto is the typical guy prince, acts tough, talks a lot and whines. Lafiel is the typical silent, tough chick, who's crying on the inside, oh boo hoo!

Story: Floatin' in spaaaaace. Dodging war, who the hell knows, I certainly don't because it's GARBAGE!

Animation: It is nicely drawn, but not well done. The Ships were nicely done as well, but the animation they used did not suit it at all.

Sound: If you like the sound of space and the humming of machines, and the odd explosion or two.

Music: What music!? Oh yes, FLOATING IN SPACE! Greatest Music I've ever heard! Oh, and the sound of machines humming, I love to heard that music all the time! (Sarcasm).

This anime makes me want to burn it up, or beat it with a hammer. It's so dull! Seriously, the only reason it got onto Tech TV is because of the Ships, I swear, that is the only thing! Oh, it could probably be better, if I watched it in Subbed form. But the Dubbed is so horrible, I mean, this anime isn't even Toliet paper worthy!

Characters: 1
Story: 1
Animation: 3
Sound: 0
Music: 0

Total: 1/10

I want to vomit all over this anime it's so terrible.
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Lol. =|; Btw, by male fanservice, do you mean fanservice of males, or fanservice for males? Not that it makes a bit of difference.
NAKED WOMEN! Need I say more?
(I only watched 1 Episode of this Garbage)

By doing that, you don't lend any credibility to your comments about this title, especially since you are trying really hard to bash it.

You talk about the plot being boring, and the characters being typical. Well, that's the first episode of THIRTEEN. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien was typical dating sim for 2 episodes, Trigun was pure comedy for about only 10 or so, etc etc. Things like characterization require time to develop.

Heck - look at Naruto - 100 over episodes and he's still the same, but you take 1 of 13 episodes and complain about a boring story? If we reviewed movies on the basis of their first 15 minutes, we'd hardly get an accurate picture of it all. In the same way, titles like these are meant to be taken as a whole - you let stuff develop and see how it goes. If, however, it starts to become obviously repetitive, then you have a point; otherwise, you'd be "judging a book by its cover".

In fact, Crest of the Stars is more about politics, expositions and dialogue more than action fare. Just because it shares the same location as, say, Gundam SEED, doesn't mean they share the same genre or style.

And even Gundam SEED had sections of long boring dialogue.

As much as I'd like to enjoy reading the ownage of another anime title, this isn't the way to do it. Your statements are pretty much founded on what little you have seen, and not giving anything time to develop, you slam it down without even watching more than one episode.

I really wouldn't have said anything if it was indeed bad, but just take a look at what comments this has received over a bunch of reviews sites on the Internet :

You're entitled to your own opinion, of course, but when you subject your review to public perusal, and it's waaay off from the general opinion of credible review sites, one of two things could be possible : either the lot of them are all wrong, or you've missed the point.

Meh, so, in order to diss an anime, I first much watch it all, while destroying my eyes in the process at the horror I am to watch. Makes sense, but truthfully, I probably would have fallen asleep. I know that giving on a review isn't very fair, but that's really the only anime I truely didn't enjoy. I only watch the anime I know I will like. So perhaps I will watch the rest of Crest of the Stars--Be bored while doing so--then give a review again which I say will probably suck once more. Why? Cuz I hate anime's with Mechas/Stuff revolving around Mechas in it. They bore me. All the Gundam's bored me, anything with Giant Robots bored me, etc, etc, etc. I would have put all Space Anime's bore me, but then I would be lying. I like Cowboy Bebop. I know it wasn't fair to review something with only watching One Episode, but if it was an OAV Movie, then I would have qualified.
My problem wasn't really with you saying that the anime sucked - that's entirely up to you to decide. What I was talking about was that your comments sounded pretty biased from the start, and weren't really based on any convincing arguments.

It's not rare for a reviewer to bash a title that has received critical acclaim all over, but the thing is, the ones that work are the ones that are able to convince people of another alternative viewpoint of the title.

For you, you've already stated that this is one of the genres that you hate. For that reason, why would you want to review a title that falls into a genre that you loathe so strongly? Unless you are the mystical "totally objective reviewer" that every flame mail to review sites talks about, it would be pretty hard to mask a strong bias against a title/setting unless you're a really good writer.

You're not supposed to fake anything - rather, you should try to make your arguments slightly more concrete to justify your position. I'm not asking you to lie that you like it; you can still convince people that it sucks in spite of your existing bias against this title. It's all in the way it's written.

Take Cowboy Bebop, which you said that you liked. Think about elements in it that made you like it, knowing that it's a "space anime", and try to reason why you liked that and not Crest of the Stars even though they are the same to you.

To me, they're worlds apart genre-wise, though :P.

You don't have to finish it either. But at least watch enough of it to form some stronger arguments to put in rather than "I saw there's fanservice in the preview, so it must suck even more". Do you know the context of those scenes? Do you know how often they happen or it was just a one-off thing? You can't tell unless you watch more, and people won't be convinced unless you can say more.

Keep at it, and you'll do better for sure. :)