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Exotic girlfriend goodness? Or horrible deja vu.

Title: DearS (Tv)
Genre: Sci-Fi/Exotic Girlfriend/Comedy
Length: 12 Episodes (30 min each)
Format watched: .AVI (Only available fansubbed)

I had watched Chobits about a month ago or so, and knew that this anime DearS was going to be similiar too it, but I had no idea how horribly similiar it is.

Another exotic girlfriend, this time it's about a strange alien race called "DearS" who seem to be obsessed with being peoples slaves, it's like their meaning in life. They fell from outer space as refugees of sorts and decidesd to stay on earth because they really had no way back. They were fast learners and learned most of japan's customs, languages, etc.

People were obsessed with them though, everyone wished they had a DearS and knew a DearS etc etc.(Perosoms anyone?) Our main character, Takeya, dislikes DearS and thinks they're gonna take over the earth. He doesn't know much about them though(Hideki...) because of his close minded state. Until one day he randomly finds one, Ren, laying in a bush, naked at that. (Chii!!11) And she ends up going back with him to his place. And keeps being naked because she doesn't get what the big deal is, each time Takeya freaks out about the nudity - even though earlier he had tons of porn mags spread throughout his room.

Not only is that much a copy, Takeya even has someone who kind of keeps him inline, similiar to Hideki's best friend who had Sumomo. The story and everything screams Chobits, Ren quickly learns Japanese but gets it often confused, she's like a super smart kid. And as the story goes on we learn that Ren is a special DearS etc etc.

The blatant ripoff was too much for me at times, I'm surprised they could get away with such a thing. But..I did nenjoy Chobits, so it wasn't too bad for me.

Characters: 8
Story: 3 (Too much of a ripoff of Chobits)
Animation: 8
Sound: 7
Music: 8

Total: 6.8/10

If you liked Chobits and wanted more, this anime is for you.
There is better exotic girlfriend anime out there. Oh my Goddess, and of course Chobits.
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